This is a great idea! Women writers can share their blogs once a week on Twitter – a great way to connect with common- interest friends old and new. Count me in … OK, I’m late to the party, but I always am – I was three weeks overdue before I deigned to be born.

Now, what to write about? Note to self: try not to bore everyone rigid.

I’m truly rubbish at self-promo – let it suffice to say I have been writing on and off for many years and I can’t imagine not writing for any length of time. Because my real name is quite a mouthful, I chose a much shorter pen name, taken from my parents’ Christian names. You’d be surprised to know how many times I’ve been asked which is which – seriously. Just for the record, my mother is Nell and my father Peter. It’s rather sad that they both suffer from vascular dementia and therefore have no idea that their ne’er-do-well daughter did eventually get picked up by a proper publisher.

Accent Press published my crime novel, By Any Other Name last November. One review describes the story as moving from light to dark, and I have to say that is a pretty accurate description. As well as a few juicy killings, the plot encompasses healthy elements of romance and humour. The first review I received was 1* – a bit of an instant ego-deflator! Even when I looked at her other reviews and realised she would grab anything going on a free promotion, read a few pages and rubbish it (including the books of several other Accent authors), it was still disappointing. But then, when you stick your head above the parapet, it’s likely to get blown off …

It was a real novelty when my editor asked if I had any other work for him to consider – without me having to send off any of the usual begging query missives and wait forever, either to receive no response or the usual ‘drop dead’. He came to me! Before I get too carried away, he took on Hostile Witness to be published next February. I’m actually looking forward to getting the edits in about six weeks – and it was very exciting yesterday when he sent me the proposed cover design! I may have emitted an unbecoming little squeal …

Meanwhile, it’s OK for me to put Hasbeen Heaven and The Call on Amazon KDP, until he gets around to them. Hasbeen Heaven is actually on a free promotion until Friday, so be my guest and grab a gratis copy:


Accent made a great book trailer for By Any Other Name – take a look, if you’ve a mind;

That’s quite enough trumpet blowing from me for now – I’ll post this and then torture myself by reading others’ superior efforts.

Bye for now.



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