For the past few days I’ve been doing something I never normally get the opportunity to do – sit for most of the time, reading other peoples’ books.

I have five to read for the Romantic Novelists’ 2016 Awards and I’ve just started number three. I quickly managed to evict the guilty feeling that I’m playing hooky from real work, and settle down with copious cups of tea in a comfy chair to enjoy myself. I could get used to this!

As soon as I’ve fed Pavlova the chicken (she responds to classical conditioning – knew that degree in psychology had to come in useful sometime!), put some washing in the machine (oh, the glamour) and checked that the house doesn’t look too much like Armageddon after the night before, I can slope off, armed with said tea. And read. All day. I am a happy bunny.

Just before I started this exercise, I answered seven questions for fellow Accent author, Jan Ruth’s In The Chair blog series. I’ve done it before, but this is the Christmas edition. Seems bizarre to be thinking about Santa Season before the end of September, but hey, these things have to be prepared in advance and anyway, Tesco have had chocolate reindeer, sparkly cards and wrapping paper on their shelves for a while now.

In one of my answers for Jan I mentioned the film, It’s a Wonderful Life and the guardian angel Clarence Odbody. It’s a Christmas classic, after all. I’m not wild about Christmas generally – our anniversary is 23rd Dec, the youngest boy’s birthday 24th and so by the time the great day dawns, I’m usually stressed out of my mind. We have a large family and so seconds after I open my eyes, I remember that I’ll be catering non-stop yet again for the five thousand, and it all goes downhill from there. I hate cooking. At sometime during those next few days, however, I do hope to watch at least some of Frank Capra’s masterpiece, along with The Snowman (for our ever-increasing number of Grands) and The Great Escape. Will Steve McQueen never learn?

I too have a guardian angel – as a book character, not in the spiritual sense (as far as I know.) Gabrielle is not actually very angelic, being partial to stealing cars and wallets and possibly murdering odd bods here and there as well. In fact, she’s perhaps not a guardian angel at all … but she does have some amusing anecdotes about celestial capers on ‘the other side’.

Check out her and her hapless charge in The Call – link below.

Meanwhile, happy last day of September!




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