It’s been a while – mea culpa. The last four months have been hectic, leading to the publication of my crime novel Hostile Witness on Feb 4th, and promo of the book thereafter. However, I haven’t dusted off the blog to blow my own trumpet, but to help spread the word about an exciting charity anthology.

Author Kelly Hambly is putting together a collection of horror stories entitled          Madame Movara’s Tales of Horror to raise money for Save the Children, a cause close to her heart. The proposed publication date will be Halloween (when else?) 2016.

Already almost twenty submissions have been accepted, but she’d like more.

Can you write 1500 words on a very loose horror theme by July? Sure you can! I don’t read or write horror and I don’t watch horror films, but when Kelly asked me if I’d submit, I said I’d give it a go. And as it turned out, I very much enjoyed turning my mind to something different. My piece wasn’t too grizzly or blood-curdling and there were no ghouls or gloop-dripping scaly beasts involved, because I feel that sometimes the suggestion of something ghastly about to happen – that evil presence you know is hiding under the stairs, waiting to pounce, for instance – can cause more nail-biting than a blow-by-blow account of scary events. Fellow Accent author Eric McFarlane has also submitted to the anthology and he usually writes humour – which Kelly is happy to accept (obviously as long as there is some horror involved!)

Lots of people besides authors have become involved. The very attractive cover design was donated by actor/writer/artist Charles E Butler and Gary Walker of Look 4 Books created a nifty promo poster.

So, want to contribute to Madame Movara? You can find Kelly at the anthology’s FB page: or she is on Twitter as @celtic_nimueh





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  1. Best wishes, Nell — I hope the book is a success.

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