Thanks for dropping by to Nell Peters’ blog.

What to say?

I write mostly crime/psychological thrillers, usually with a healthy dose of romance mixed in.

Accent Press published my genre-crossing novel, By Any Other Name, in November 2014 – you can check it out here:

viewBook.at/By_Any_Other_Name_by_Nell_Peters (international link.)

There is also a nifty Accent Press book trailer on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/NellPetersAuthor

I live in Norfolk, UK with my OH, an artist – just the two of us, now that four large boys have departed into their various careers and relationships. Well that’s not strictly true, as we are not entirely alone. Pavlova the chicken, who adopted us almost a year ago, lives (very free range) in the garden. She is so named after Ivan Pavlov, because she responds to classical conditioning in the form of a bird seed bag being shaken, or a call (only when I’m sure there is no one else around.) Now you know more about the chicken than me…


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  1. Hi Anne,
    Just been checking out your blog. I’m running a free MysteryNovember book tour from my blog if you would like a place? Easy Q&A for authors and book shout out, no giveaways needed. If you are interested contact me via the comments on my blog. https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/contact/

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